1. Blend

4 sorts of merchandise can be mixed automatically, according to the client’s request, obtaining a homogenous mixture of sorts in requested proportions. Final materials mixed can be subsequently loaded on ships / barges / wagons with a loading rate of 1,500 mt/ha for coal and 2,000 mt/h for ores.

2. Sorting

COMVEX can sort merchandise on various granulations, according to client’s request. The terminal holds 4 sorting plants with a capacity of 500 tonnes/h each.

3. Slabs handling

4. Merchandise treatment

merchandise treatment with anti-gelling agents;
temperature monitoring and spraying agents in order to prevent coal self-ignition.

5. Bulk loading in container

6. Fenders rental

Coal loading rate (mt/h)
Ore loading rate (mt/h)
Sorting plants capacity (mt/h)