General Overview

COMVEX S.A. was incorporated in 1991, being the largest bulk raw material handling terminal in the Black sea area, covering a 700,386 sqm total surface in the South of Constanta Port, Romania.

COMVEX terminal is the market leader, specialised in handling, storing and transshipment of dry bulk minerals such as iron ore, coal, coke, bauxite, operating from a modern and fully equipped facility location in the Constanta Port.

Comvex is the only terminal operating solid bulk goods in the Black Sea area, that has the capacity to cater for Cape size vessels (up to 220,000 tdw), holding a discharge line at the maritime quay formed of 5 berths with a total length of 1,400 m and water depth comprised between 13 and 18.5 m. In addition, COMVEX benefits geographically from having access through the waterway network which includes the Danube, being located within the close vicinity of the East end of the Danube-Black Sea Canal, so that Constanta Port is at the same time a Danube river port.

Due to its location and excellent access potential to industrial areas in Europe, COMVEX is able to provide its customers, such as major bulk raw material providers in Australia, Brazil, India, Africa, USA and Canada, the ability to make deliveries to industrial plants in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Serbia, on a “just in time” basis.

Apart from the existing Minerals Terminal, COMVEX has developed a Grain Terminal in Berth 80, covering an approximately 60,000 sqm surface. The location provides important logistic advantages, respectively: the deepest berth in the Black Sea, vicinity with the barges terminal (the vicinity with the Danube – Black Sea Canal) for river transport from Danube neighbour countries, direct and easy access to the railway, short distance and direct access to highway A2. Thus, COMVEX will provide grain producers in Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria the possibility to deliver the obtained production on great capacity ships, 100,000- 120,000 tdw.

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