Ships discharge

The discharge equipment is formed of 3 discharger bridges with clamshell of 50 tf lifting capacity for each, having a discharge rate of 2,000 mt/h each. Each discharger bridge is operated by a single worker, all technical information being available on the panels in the operator’s cabin.

Equipment and discharge flow operation is controlled via PLC, located in the central seat of the electronic department. The PLC is equipped with 490 ins/outs and processes all the necessary information sent by sensors and the protection equipment in order to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

The belt carrier system has a total length of 22 km. Two of the artery belt carriers have 1.5 km length and a productivity of 4,000 mt/h each, and the third one is 2 km long and its productivity is of 4,000 mt/h.

Wagons discharge

Electric equipment sends the information to a system controlled by PLC connected to the data transfer network. From the discharge area cargo can be sent by means of the belt carrier system into the main warehouse, to the machines for loading barges, to the terminal for CF wagon loading or it can be discharged on the quay in the pre-stock area.

COMVEX also holds a portal crane type transtainer and the related runway by means of which CF wagons type EACS can be discharged. Also, a plant for discharge of wagons type FALS is in operation.

Clamshell discharge capacity (mt/h)
PLC (i/e)
Belt carriers (km)
Belt carriers productivity (mt/h)